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Barry Fox


Barry is the owner of the GrayFox family. With over 30 years in the flooring business you’d be hard pressed to find someone in the flooring world who Barry doesn’t know. Barry is a big music enthusiast and it doesn’t take much to convince him to attend an Allman Brothers concert. He is the glue that holds it all together, the man, the legend, the Gray Fox.

Chris Corrujo


Chris likes to have full ownership of all of his projects which is why he is so well versed in all aspects of flooring from estimating, to sales, to project managing. Chris has been here with Barry and GrayFox Flooring longer than anyone. His many years of experience and his extremely organized office are just some of the aspects that make him a vital part of the GrayFox team. His hobbies include, daily 2 hour bus rides to and from Staten Island and listening to liberal talk radio.

Bruce Larsen


Bruce is relatively new to the flooring world but in his 5 years with GrayFox he has made incredible strides as a flooring salesman. With Bruce’s past as an IT expert, he has been able to wear two hats at GrayFox as he handles our IT needs and more importantly is a top-notch salesman. On weekends you can find Bruce spending quality time with his family or on occasion, rocking out like an 11 year old girl to Justin Bieber.

Brian Donovan


Brian is our resident wood flooring specialist. He comes from many years of owning his own wood flooring company and has done an excellent job translating that expertise to project managing jobs with all types of flooring. In Brian’s free time he volunteers for his community and coaches Little League. The Yankees have expressed interest but we’re hoping Brian will stick with GrayFox.

Robert Bein


Rob lives the phrase a scholar and a gentlemen. Rob is in charge of the books, and all accounting inside GrayFox. He recently earned his Masters in Accounting and has put that degree to work for the good of the GrayFox team. It has been said that Superman wears Pajamas with Rob’s Logo on them.

Ryan Lestrange


Ryan is the newest addition to the Gray Fox team. While Ryan may be new to the flooring world he is eager to jump right in and tackle anything put before him. The whole team has done an excellent job bringing Ryan under their wing. According to Ryan one of his biggest challenges is trying to go about daily activities with the constant barrage of young women throwing themselves at him.


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